Custom Dining Room Cabinetry in Lawton

Custom Dining Room Cabinetry in Lawton

There are many types of cabinets in dining rooms. It is important to understand certain lingo regarding cabinetry before you begin the remodeling process. If you’re trying to narrow down your cabinetry choices, try to use, or at least understand, these terms:

Base: Cabinetry that attaches to your floor or hangs above it. A dining room’s layout determines the depth and height of the base cabinets. They range from two to three feet deep. Since most homeowners store their large linens and fine dinnerware in these cabinets, they’re usually more spacious.

Wall: These are mounted to your wall above your counters. Since they store glasses, mugs, or fine china, they’re typically about 12 inches deep. Semi-custom and custom built wall cabinets can be made deeper if the homeowner so desires.

Tall: Tall dining room cabinets are basically shrines or curio cabinets. With a height of over 80 inches, these are ideal for storing fine china, knickknacks, and memorabilia. A tall cabinet or two can be an effective substitute for long base cabinets if your dining room lacks space. In fact, tall cabinets will go better with your dining room scheme than a random table in the corner.

Specialty: A specially designed cabinet is made for a specific storage situation. A corner cabinet that can open at that particular angle or a bottle rack built into a cabinet.

What about cabinet finishes?

What’s next after you’ve chosen your cabinet type and color?

What kind of finish would you like for your dining room cabinets? Paint, stain, glaze, distress, and antique are all options.

Quite popular, stained cabinets are a great option. Wood cabinets with a stain offer a lot of character and are much more appealing than solid-colored cabinets. Staining cabinets is similar to putting granite on a countertop. Granite has a natural grain, which results in a random mixture of colors and patterns. A countertop material with such a random, natural design is inviting and beautiful.

The staining of cabinets doesn’t necessarily create such flecks of color, but it does result in different shades of the same color. As a result, the cabinets look more natural.

A popular choice for dining room cabinets are glazed ones. Glazing gives the cabinets a glossy appearance. White cabinets are usually glazed so that they add depth and character rather than just being plain and matte.

A cabinet finish can also have a distressed or antique look. These finishes make your cabinets appear older. Does that sound odd to you? You’ll probably appreciate the uniqueness of a distressed cabinet if you see one in person.

Shiny, new things do not always look their best. This is especially true for wood. Why do you think hardwood flooring has a random grain structure? It gives your home character. A home with character feels cozier. Call now to get a free quote.