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Custom Laundry Room Cabinetry

Custom Laundry Room Cabinetry in Lawton, Oklahoma

Laundry rooms are often the hardest working and most neglected areas of the home and for this reason they can quickly become the source of stress. Many Lawton area clients tell us their laundry room is their least favorite part of their house, with clothes piled high and cleaning items mysteriously finding their way there.

KD Cabinet Builders takes the time to understand your frustrations with your current space as well as your needs and wants for your new one. Next, we will design a laundry room tailored to your family’s needs and your lifestyle. Laundry rooms and laundry closets of all shapes and sizes have been designed by us. During each design process, we focus on your needs and design solutions that best support them. Integrated hampers let you separate clothes before washing them, and a folding counter provides space for folding. Ironing boards that fold neatly into cabinets are there when you need them and out of sight when you don’t.

You can easily build a custom laundry room in your Lawton area home. Our designers will provide thoughtful suggestions based on your needs. Your final design will feel truly personalized for your family. Let us know when you’re ready to start the four-step process by scheduling your free consultation.

We design and build custom cabinets in any size you can imagine, in the highest quality. These cabinets are perfect for:

Our cabinets make storing items easier and more convenient than ever, putting them at your fingertips when you need them and hiding them when you don’t. In addition, they add value and personality to any home.

Full Range of Custom Cabinet Styles

We work with some of Lawton’s most trusted suppliers, giving us access to a wide range of materials at incredible prices. And best of all, we can pass the savings on to you. You will be shown your options for wood types and colors, as well as different cabinet door designs, during the initial consultation.

With computer-generated drawings of your future custom cabinets, you can visualize them in your home more vividly than ever before. You can stain or paint your cabinets to give them an even more customized look.

After establishing each detail of your custom cabinets, we will get to work.

Precise Cabinet Installation

We pay attention to every detail of the cabinet installation process. Our equipment and hardware is of the highest quality to ensure excellent appearance, performance, and durability.

We work patiently and efficiently to ensure that you get the best craftsmanship and results, and we do our best to work neatly within each space. Enjoy your custom cabinets in no time.

Skilled Cabinet Contractors Serving Lawton

We are known in the Lawton community for our excellent workmanship, discerning choice of materials, and low rates.

In addition to our decades of dependable experience, we also have extensive credentials and qualifications. In addition to being fully licensed and bonded, we are dedicated to quality and excellence.

Call KD Cabinet Builders if you are considering custom cabinets and get a free quote.

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